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    Pallet Forks: Know Your Forks

    1. Light Duty
    2. Medium Duty
    3. Heavy Duty
    4. Crane Pallet Forks
    5. Roofer Pallet Forks
    6. Inverted Pallet Forks
    7. Attachments & Accessories
    8. Pallet Forks Videos

    There are different pallet forks (sometimes called bucket forks) for a variety of tasks. Firstly, there are light to heavy duty pallet forks which vary in weight lifting capacities, crane pallet forks and inverted pallet forks.

    Then, there are the accessories which accompany pallet forks, such as protection trellises, pallet jacks, a pallet jack attachment and stabilizing jacks, to just name a few.

    Light duty clamp on bucket forks are used here to transport potted trees within a department story nursery.

    bale spear clamp bucket fork image
    Light Duty

    Light duty bucket forks, as the name states, are capable of lifting up to 1200 lbs. Specifica-tions, below, as provided by

    Total Wt: 86 lbs.
    Length: 54" / Width: 3.25"
    Fork Ht: 2"
    Ht: 7"
    Length of Fork: 40"
    11.25" Under Bucket

    Additionally, these pallet forks are able to "move logs, rails, road ties and many more objects, as well as pallets." (

    bale spear clamp bucket fork image

    Medium Duty

    A medium duty bucket fork will lift up to 2400 lbs and are for use with tractors and loaders of anywhere between 35 to 55 HP. Also, with these forks you may "slip a standard 2X4, as a back stop." (

    bale spear clamp bucket fork image

    Heavy Duty

    The pair of heavy duty tractor bucket forks will lift up to 5,000 lbs., over twice the weight of a ton, and weigh only 190 lbs! These pallet forks "may be used on tractors, loaders and skid steers." (

    bale spear clamp bucket fork image

    Crane Pallet Forks

    These pallet forks come in approximately 20 different varieties to fit the lifting needs of just about any industry. Additionally, "Crane fork for palletized construction materials of all kinds. Tine spread can be adjusted with a spindle.the center of gravity is hydraulically adjusted. This Crane Fork has special operating benefits.quick loading and unloading. in connection with a rotator, precise positioning is no problem, model is height adjustable, due to variable spindle adjustment the prongs will enter the most narrow pallet and since no part of the crane fork is wider than the pallet, you can easily load the 2nd row." (

    Roofer Pallet Forks

    These pallet forks are the required piece of equipment when "moving your palletized/ bundled loads.can handle all of your building material needs from lumber and roofing materials to stacked bricks and concrete blocks." (

    Inverted Pallet Forks

    The purpose for the inversion capability of these pallet forks is to lift really heavy items such as seed bags which will, literally, hang from the handles on to the actual forks.

    Attachments & Accessories

    Protection Trellis: Protection trellises are used "for safer handling of bricks and other stacked goods or loose materials in higher elevations.maximum capacity of 2000 kg. The trellis can be mounted within minutes and is, therefore, a flexible system on the construction site." (www.

    Pallet Jack: "is a tool used to lift and move pallets. The front wheels are mounted inside the end of the forks, and as the hydraulic jack is raised, the forks are separated vertically from the front wheels, forcing the load upward until it clears the floor. The pallet is only lifted enough to clear the floor for subsequent travel." ( Pallet jacks are also available in the manual, where the jack itself is hand-powered and electronic versions.

    Pallet Jack Attachment: According to, "a pallet jack attachment to be coupled to the forks of a conventional pallet jack so as to be able to engage and drag a standard pallet on which goods are stacked out of a shipping container when the pallet is loaded sideways."

    Stabilizing Jack: This attachment prevents trucks and semi's from tilting due to load instability.

    Pallet Forks Videos


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